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Visions for a Compassionate America, Berrett Koehlers Open Books

The United States of America is facing a phenomenal test at present. The nightmare of a growing economic divide, and of a democratic process hijacked by corporations, is a growing reality and a challenge to the hailed dream. What happened to the "land of the free," to the land where "all men are created equal," and to the "land of opportunity"?

A dream can be forgotten, but it still lives in the collective aspirations of a nation. The struggling dream is now creating daring new ideas and practices, which honor the essence of time-honored strivings and precedents. Thus the impulses of the past are recognized and honored in brand new ways. A new American culture is emerging that is tackling the age-old questions of what it means to be human. Daring
innovations render democracy and political participation much more meaningful
than the casting of a vote. And a whole new way of thinking about economic and ecological sustainability is leaving its mark on the present.

America stands at a crossroads. In fact there already are two Americas: one of
denial, secrecy and constant erosion of individual rights; and a new
America that predicates openness, transparency, broad
participation, affirmation of individual rights and
life-sustaining economic choices. Unending crisis after
crisis oblige us to inwardly face despair and
loss of meaning. A meaningful step into the future
demands social change and a personal striving for
meaning, as the two sides of a paradigm shift. This is
something we can all join, if we so choose, in
order that America truly be the land of the
free with equality and opportunity for all.

Luigi Morelli is the author of several books including Spiritual Turning Points of North American History, Spiritual Turning Points of South American History and A Revolution of Hope: Spirituality, Cultural Renewal and Social Change.

Luigi has a passion for social change approached from a cultural perspective. He has had a long experience in working with the developmentally-disabled in intentional communities of Camphill and L'Arche International. At present he lives in Ecovillage Ithaca, where he is actively involved in community building and process facilitation.

Table of Contents

Book Excerpts:

A New Role for Culture

The Power of Civil Society

Networks and Innovation

New Democracy Reclaiming We the People

Systems Thinking a New Paradigm

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