Leverage Points for Accelerating Social Change

Legends and Stories for a Compassionate America, published by Berrett Koehlers Open Books

The American dream has been abused, neglected, and nearly completely discredited. At times it has turned into a nightmare. Witness the extreme and still-growing social disparity, and the aspirations to world empire that consume precious resources in war efforts around the world. Yet this is the nature of a dream—to hover between potential and reality, advance and retreat. And a dream can resurrect.

The legends and stories in this book begin with our Native American
heritage and continue with historicalturning points and
biographies of important individuals at the
time of the American Revolution and up tomodern times.
The first part of the book concerns the birth of the nation;
the second records periodic efforts to revive
the original founding intentions. Examples
include the fight for women’s rights and the civil
rights movement.

Through the biographies of uniquely
influential individuals, a review of
critically significant historical events, and
assessment of the meaning and power of national
holidays and cherished symbols, the book
reveals the synergistic effect of such
phenomena in enabling achievement of the
American Dream. Moreover, it portrays universal
aspirations. The book speaks with relevance and urgency
to all who want to renew hope in the future of our nation
and of the world.

Luigi Morelli is the author of several books including Spiritual Turning Points of North American History, Spiritual Turning Points of South American History and A Revolution of Hope: Spirituality, Cultural Renewal and Social Change.

Luigi has a passion for social change approached from a cultural perspective. He has had a long experience in working with the developmentally-disabled in intentional communities of Camphill and L'Arche International. At present he lives in Ecovillage Ithaca, where he is actively involved in community building and process facilitation.

Table of Contents

Book Excerpts:

The Haudenosaunee League: Deganawidah and Hiawatha

A New Look at the American Revolution

What Can we Save from the Past?

A blend of Spirit and Politics: Julia Butterfly Hill and the Luna Tree Sit

Martin Luther King’s Spiritual Experiences

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